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Save Water, Drink Nyetimber !!!

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Having tasted a couple of the Nyetimber wines over the last few months I have become seriously addicted to this fine English sparkler indeed. They can’t call it Champagne as it does not hail from the French countryside however, tasted blind it seems to outweigh it’s French rivals ten fold and I agree.

Southern England is perfect for the production of sparkling wine. The chalk seam that supplies Champagne grapes with the perfect green sand and chalky soil to flourish is the very same that runs under the lee of the South Downs. This is where, sheltered from the coastal winds, their vines are planted across eight separate sites.

The climate here allows for the slow ripening of the grapes, allowing them to achieve the optimum level of acidity for the wine, as well as complexity and finesse.

Unlike most other Houses, at Nyetimber they use only their own grapes from their own vineyards. Prior to harvest, the grapes are tasted to ensure the best flavour development before picking. And they say at the winery “If they aren’t up to standard? They simply won’t use them”

Support our unique wines by buying a bottle or three today – Search the net for offers (There are some out there) and quaff one down chilled with your dinner !!!

up to standard? We simply won’t use them


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